Episode 18: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Listen Here

Welcome back to hell... month. We continue to explore hell by joining Dante Alighieri in The Inferno. We also now have Bingo Cards! You can download it here: Bingo Card To Drink Along: Grab a bottle of Chianti.  Fava beans optional. Listen to the podcast here: https://anchor.fm/unfortunately-required/episodes/Abandon-All-Hope-Ye-Who-Listen-Here-e538os Resources: Seven Deadly Sins Playlist Dante for Beginners... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Much Ado About Sappho

This week's episode is dedicated to melancholy and ouzo as we discuss the works of the poet Sappho. Often maligned, never duplicated, Sappho is a little hard to pin down as quite a bit of her history has been lost or glossed over with satire. If you'd like to drink along: Sapphic Death in the... Continue Reading →

Episode 12: Better than Lord of the Flies

This episode of Unfortunately Required Reading closes out Toni Morrison month with Sula. This week's episode features a shrub, which is traditionally a type of bubbly alcohol mixed with jam. As Victoria is suffering from a peptic ulcer, Amanda has graciously made it with sparkling water and jam: They aren't super sweet, and they are... Continue Reading →

Episode 11: Slavery and Spiteful Ghosts

This episode is dedicated to Toni Morrison's Beloved.  The first in our Toni Morrison Month, this book deals with slavery, infanticide, sexual abuse and basically all things soul crushing. It's also a horror novel, so that's neat. In this week's episode we've chosen a $3 bottle of red wine, because the color red is a... Continue Reading →

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