Episode 8: A Scandinavian Warrior Walks Into a Mead Hall

This week's episode, we spent our time discussing the epic Old English poem Beowulf. To drink along: Sky River Mead (sweet) Fill your mead horn or chalice. Drink deep and think of years worth of epic poetry. Listen here, or wherever you download your podcasts: https://anchor.fm/unfortunately-required/embed/episodes/A-Scandinavian-Warrior-Walks-Into-A-Mead-Hall-e3bs0l/a-ab62ot Special thanks to the following sources: Crispin Glover screaming... Continue Reading →

Episode Six: EyreBnB

Episode Six is devoted to the Charlotte Bronte novel Jane Eyre. This week we take the role of men of the Victorian era and sip port while discussing the bird/angel/fairy/sprite/goblin/thing that is the description of Jane Eyre. We also discuss the horrors of dating, better options for Jane, and reference our thankfulness that we don't... Continue Reading →

Episode Two: The Not-So-Great Gatsby

This episode is dedicated to F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  In this episode we delve into not only the symbols of the text (you're welcome AP and Honors English students), but also into the backstory of why Fitzgerald might not have been so great himself. If you want to drink along, the recipe is... Continue Reading →

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