Episode 78: Like Ducks on a Frozen Pond (Catcher in the Rye)

This week Amanda is drug kicking and screaming into a book they didn’t have to read in school and Victoria has flashbacks to dating people who need therapy.

To Listen Along: https://anchor.fm/unfortunately-required/episodes/Like-Ducks-on-a-Frozen-Pond-Catcher-in-the-Rye-e1himli

To Drink Along: Rye Whiskey. Drink it neat or put in a mixer, preferably angst.




The Private War Of J.D. Salinger : NPR

The odd life of Catcher in the Rye author JD Salinger | The Independent | The Independent

On the Trail of J.D. Salinger’s Testicle – The Atlantic

Matt Salinger: ‘My father was writing for 50 years without publishing

Incel killer SVU Holdenn

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