Episode 98: Death from Above (War of the Worlds)

This week Amanda and Victoria discuss HG Wells as The War of the Worlds.

To Listen Along: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/unfortunately-required/episodes/Death-From-Above-The-War-of-the-Worlds-e20mdog

To Drink along: Kentucky Mule. https://www.liquor.com/recipes/kentucky-mule/


The War of the Worlds: Full Book Summary | SparkNotes

Martians! How Aliens Invaded Earth | Monstrum

Orson Welles – War Of The Worlds – Radio Broadcast 1938 – Complete Broadcast.

Why Are We Obsessed With Mars?

Humanity’s Fascination with Mars | MARS

Independence Day vs. War of the Worlds

H. G. Wells – Wikipedia

How To Terraform Mars – WITH LASERS

Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it!

Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it’s Complicated.

Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change

The NoonDay Demon: https://www.amazon.com/Noonday-Demon-Atlas-Depression/dp/1501123882

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