Episode 15: Anxiety Makes Terrible Murderers

Happy Birthday Month to Amanda. As is the tradition, birthday month means you get to set the curriculum. This episode is dedicated to Edgar Allen Poe and The Tell-Tale Heart.

If you’d like to drink along:

A Corpse Reviver


Supposedly, this is to help with hangovers, but it’s pretty damn strong, y’all.

  • 2 parts cognac (or regular brandy if you’re a Poe boy like us)
  • 1 part apple brandy
  • 1 part sweet vermouth

Here’s a link to this week’s episode: https://anchor.fm/unfortunately-required


  • Simpsons ‘Beating of that Hideous Heart’
  • Thug Notes:
  • Matthew Gray Gubler reads a version of it. (Sex incarnate, y’all. I mean, if you’re into Matthew Gray Gubler):
  • Drunk History- Edgar Allen Poe Feuds with Rufus Griswold:
  • An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe starring Vincent Prince – Super awesome sauce:
  • Edgar Allen Poe: Terror of the Soul:
  • Edgar Allen Poe: Biography:
  • Edgar Allen Poe: Love, Death, and Women from the BBC



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